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Caribbean Sea waters have provided renewal and wilderness experiences for centuries. Due to its lesser salt content, depth, counter clockwise current, and continuous volcanic activity, the Caribbean provides us with never ending metaphors for our own process of renewal and change.

Named by the “Caribs” Amerindian tribe, this vast body of water stretching well over 1,000,000 square miles presents a unique opportunity for both therapists and accompanying trekkers to explore their own life circumstances via visits to uninhabited islands, in one of the most biologically diverse regions of the planet. Knowing that of all the islands making up the land mass of the Caribbean, only 2% is inhabited, makes trekking here one of the most authentic and untouched wilderness locations available in the world.

Combining with uninhabited islands are the stunning floral and coral communities of the Caribbean. Together they present an experience that rivals any mountain, canyon, desert, or wooded wilderness trek we have ever facilitated. With a constant water temperature of 76 degrees, waters remain warm, clear and in perfect condition for sailing and exploring year round. Using veteran captains and crews, our wilderness teams integrate Cognitive Behavioral Renewal with daily community activities, and individual reflections of each participant. Skills required for land trekking are replaced with aqua based skills consisting of, but not limited to snorkeling, scuba diving, elementary sailing, ship maintenance and repair, and proper preparation of fresh sea food.

Like all wilderness treks, our Clarity in the Caribbean trek is both exciting and challenging, but may not be for everyone. We encourage questions of interest and look forward to scheduling our next voyage in September.

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"Seven Ponds was great, it changed my life. Doc was great, he let me figure it out and I did. My family is back together and we are very grateful."

Josh Daugherty,
May, 2013

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